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Say No To War

Did you know that 1 in 4 young people live in areas of armed conflict?

In 2015, the United Nations Security Council took on a commitment to the youth, peace and security agenda. This initiative promotes the recognition of the positive role young people play in resolving conflict and building peace.

It is important to amplify young people's voices in decision-making and foster their significant participation in peace building processes!

Do you know who the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner is?

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa is the co-founder of the Rappler online news site. She has used her platform to expose irregularities during the current administration under president Rodrigo Duterte.

Ressa was one of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winners, for “her brave efforts to safeguard freedom of expression in the Philippines.” In the same year, she was also awarded the UNESCO Press Freedom Prize.

She has worked as an investigative reporter and CNN correspondent in Southeast Asia and she was head of the news division at ABS-CBN.

What do the Russian people think of this war?

According to Lev Dmitrievich Gudkov, director of an independent pollster in Russia, opinions on this matter are divided among citizens.

Two thirds of the population support war. This percentage is a result of the surveys conducted out in the provinces, where the people's main sources of information are state-owned media outlets. However, one fourth of the population has a different opinion: those who get the news through social media and who live in urban areas consider Putin's military approach to be wrong.

In an interview with MSNBC, young journalist Finley Muratova stated that, in their eyes, "the people who are protesting in Russia right now are heroes." Muratova, who was born in Russia, explained that publicly opposing war in that country puts people at risk. As per law, prior notification has to be submitted at least 10 days earlier for mass street protests to be authorized.

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