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Who We Are and How We Can Help You

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Lía and María Leticia are Tradoctas. We met in 2017, in an international translation conference. María chaired the event; Lía gave a lecture. We now want Tradoctas―and your organization―to take center stage.

What we do

We believe in communicating values beyond the boundaries of a single language, in the international cooperation and in connecting with your audience to change the world. With this solid cornerstone in mind, we work to streamline your communication with the international community. We know you want your organization to make a difference. We share your values. Let us drive your message home to the Spanish-speaking world.To do so, we offer:

• translation from one language into another one,

• text revision,

• mainstreaming gender in your communications,

• linguistic content creation,

• linguistic consulting,

• project management.

Before COVID-19 struck, Tradoctas carried out its activities in two different offices outside home—​we would meet you at our executive office and then team up at our operations office to work our magic on your project. These were the places where we organized our ideas and throve to move forward. Since March 2020, we have not been able to go back. Instead, each one of us has managed to juggle family and work life (just like you!) to move Tradoctas forward from home.

Let’s talk about your communication needs. We can help your organization reach the international community.

In this blog, you will find articles on the themes we work on: gender equality, human rights, and the LGBTIA+ community. Hope you find it useful!

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