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How did we learn how to translate for international organizations?

Did you know...? In 2019, Tradoctas' Managing Partners participated in the International Training Course on Sustainable Development Goals.

In September 2018, when our Managing Partners were just beginning to work together, they participated in a workshop titled “Revising translated documents for the United Nations,” taught by translator and reviser Silvana Tucci, part of the Spanish Translation Service team of the United Nations in New York.

During the workshop, after revising concepts and translation strategies, they translated from English into Spanish the text on environmental issues that currently appears in Tradoctas' portfolio on our website. The following year, they received the comments made by the translator and reviser who checked their work, Juan Manuel Pedreyra, who works alongside Tucci.

Even with over 20 years of combined professional experience between them, thanks to the workshop, Lía and María Leticia learnt the true “UN style”: emphasis matters, politically charged words are best avoided and the first resource one must access when starting to work on a translation is the UN Spanish Translation Service website. Have you heard about it?

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