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From clandestinity to the National Congress

From clandestinity to the National Congress

A year ago, Argentina passed into law the right to have access to free, safe and voluntary terminations of pregnancy. However, according to the Healthcare Professionals Network for the Right to Choose, this legislation is not being fairly implemented all across the country.

There is still a shortage of healthcare teams trained with a gender perspective. Many people are subjected to violence from the healthcare system when they request the termination of their pregnancy and many professionals are faced with legal repercussions after providing information on a gained right.

A few months ago, a woman doctor in the province of Salta was detained after performing an abortion on an adult woman who had requested it in the city of Tartagal. This is one example of the many violations that still take place today.

Ensuring rights is not a crime!

The woman behind Argentina's president

Vilma Ibarra is the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency of the Argentine Nation. A few years ago, she served as a Senator (2001-2007) and as a Representative (2007-2011), too.

The legal responsibility for any decrees or bills promoted under president Alberto Fernández's name lies in her hands. Her career working in different courts awoke in her the need to advocate for a justice system with a gender perspective.

She was one of the minds behind the laws for equal marriage, gender identity and access to the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Thank you for trusting Tradoctas to translate the Law on Access to the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy and the 1000-day Plan!

One of the reasons why we assert that Tradoctas is a feminist linguistic services company is the fact that our goal is to dismantle sexist patterns of behavior from the western society we live in through the texts we work on.

Last year, we were trusted with a project we are so proud to share with you: the Access to Safe Abortion Network (REDAAS) requested the translation into English of the bills on Access to the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy and the 1000-day Plan.

One of the most fulfilling experiences in our profession is to be able to translate with certainty, regarding not only the work methods or the knowledge on the correct terminology but also the content itself and the final goal: in this case, to spread the text of a law enacted to protect and expand the rights of all gestating people.

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