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Our work is characterized by our permanent consultations and development. Although we do automatize and systematize part of our work, all revisions and deliberations are performed among peers and, if possible, always including representatives of our target audiences. Thus, our texts successfully incorporate a more human approach.

For this reason, we choose to use resources that keep an open outlook, to help us provide texts which combine language accuracy, justice through equality and thoughtful kindness. These resources drive us to keep thinking, even after delivering our translations.

For today, we've chosen two resources that kind of reflect our work: in the first one, our Managing Partner María Leticia actively participated as part of the platform's consultants group. We're talking about MODII, an accessible platform for inclusive communication which promotes equality, inclusion and non-discriminatory language. This tool provides guidelines for non-sexist communication, a comparison engine for regional terms, English-Spanish glossaries and think pieces on disability, sexual and gender diversity, gender equality, youth, environmentalism, migration, indigenous and native peoples and sexual and reproductive health.

We also check CaDi, another resource which we recently found through Mariana Carabajal's newsletter. CaDi is a helpful tool to incorporate non-binary language into texts. Just like in any other technological tool for checking spelling and grammar, we type our text into it and CaDi provides us with a new version, with no gender markers at all or using both grammatical genders in Spanish equally. On the side, it also offers more suggestions to keep thinking about.

We've added links to both resources in our Linktree, in case you want to try them for yourselves!

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