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When your translation communicates more extensive rights

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

We received the request in March 2020. Then the COVID-19 crisis exploded, and we all had to wait, even our translation request. But December came and we got to work in one of the best translation and revision requests we’ve had so far in @Tradoctas: the translation into English of the Argentine bills of law for the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy, and the Comprehensive Health Care during Pregnancy and Early Childhood.

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A small team of experts in legal translation was chosen for this project. The open revision process took several steps and we all participated with comments and research. The knowledge on the subject-matter was paired with the extensive field experience and that combination of expertise and values was our key to success. Once again, our experiences prove us we’re on the right track.

For this project, we also had to be very precise with our gender-neutral expression, since the original had a clear gender-neutral wording, with a view to protect and give rights to all people able to become pregnant.

Our work is published on the REDAAS (Access to Safe Abortion Network) website.

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