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Can we build more sustainable lifestyles?

Some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established in the 2030 Agenda by the UN and other international organizations are related to climate action.

According to journalist Naomi Klein, well beyond a warning for the future, global warming is a phenomenon we must talk about in present tense. In her latest books, this Canadian author presents a compilation of several articles, research pieces and interviews she conducted with specialists in the issue.

In her own words, imminent environmental collapse is tightly linked to capitalist inequality: "There is simply no way to square a belief system that vilifies collective action and venerates total market freedom with a problem that demands collective action on an unprecedented scale."

Migrating for sustainability

MUMI is a collective of migrant women created by two artists and researchers. They both moved with their families to Valle de Punilla, in the province of Córdoba.

In 2018, they began to host open meetings to share their concerns and reflections together with other migrant women in the area. The following year, the collective started to offer "experience-mapping workshops" in a local space for cultural activities. Its main goal was to provide a platform for migrant women's voices from the city of Tanti.

While sharing stories, each woman talked about their own experiences in their new environment. In their own words: "We realized that almost all of us had come from different territories in pursuit of a new, more sustainable life." Following this line, they began to delve into deeper reflections about the need for an environmentally-friendly, feminist perspective on migration.

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