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About Colombian Migration

Investigative journalism and translation: what a way to start the new year!

Last month, we completed a project which saw us working with a wonderful team of seven professional translators.

Consejo de Redacción, a Colombian organization for journalists which aims at promoting investigative journalism, published a series of articles and podcast episodes on displaced people’s lives in conflict zones.

Through IMS, an association working to support free press in the world, we provided our translation and subtitling services from Spanish into English.

The reports tell the stories of different woman leaders who took the initiative to improve their communities and reduce social inequalities.

Amazing teamwork!

Colombian migration to Argentina: fighting for a life with dignity

Colombian migration to Argentina is not a recent development. However, since 2010, its numbers have been growing non-stop: in the last decade, the amount of Colombian people taking up residency in our country has tripled.

Why have around 18,000 people decided to migrate southwards within the continent? It cannot be explained by a singular reason: some of the main causes listed by the Colombian Chancellery are the difficulty of finding well-paid employment and the very expensive costs of higher education.

In this line, the public healthcare and education systems in Argentina provide refuge for hundreds of people who see no option but to leave their homeland for a life with dignity.

Some extra information: did you know that the International Organization for Migration works across the world to ensure migrant people's basic needs are met?

Did you know that Florencia Carignano is the first woman director of the Argentine Migration's Office in 72 years?

Carignano is the top authority in charge of protecting migrant people's rights in Argentina. She is the current National Director of the Migration's Office, an agency under the National Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The agency's main objective is to establish strategic foundations for migration affairs and to safeguard human rights, integration and mobility for migrant people.

Carignano has a Master's Degree in International Relations issued by the University of San Andrés. During the pandemic, she became the "guardian of the border": she took on a key role in ensuring that the sanitary control posts located along the border worked to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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