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5 reasons to read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

  1. What's better than some good fiction to relax after a stressful week? From a narrative point of view, this book has plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked. It's a very light, entertaining read. The author had worked as a film producer and her experience in audiovisual production helps her paint incredible pictures with only her words.

  2. You could say it's a feminist story. The novel is written with a gender perspective and it avoids forced clichés while clearly taking up a political stance.

  3. Well-written sexual diversity? Yes! Jenkins Reid mentions in the book's acknowledgements that she consulted people from different communities to build good representation through her characters: "To Kate, Courtney, Julia, and Monique, thank you for helping me write about people different from myself. It is a tall order that I take on humbly and it helps so much to have you by my side."

  4. The novel was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards as Best Historical Fiction. It was also a Book of the Year finalist, award given by Book of the Month, in 2017.

  5. A Netflix film adaptation is in production!

What have we been reading?

In Lía Díaz's words: "Lately, I've been attending some workshops to help me further reflect on feminisms, politics, history. That's why my most recently read books are more essays than fiction. On top of that, I read most of them as part of guided readings: it really helps me focus and reflect together with peers. I read 'Mujeres en la sociedad argentina' by Dora Barrancos; 'Living a Feminist Life' and 'The Promise of Happiness' by Sara Ahmed; '¿La rebeldía se volvió de derecha?'; the biography 'La Berkins'; and 'Feminism for the 99%.' In terms of fiction, I recently read 'Parte de la felicidad.' That story really got to me."

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